The portlights Solimar are all constructed of composite material (they are unique worldwide). As for the hatches, we have chosen to use only fiberglass in contact with the boat. This material, unlike aluminum, is suitable for all types of boat, does not grow old, does not oxidize and is extremely lightweight.
To reduce the final cost of the portholes, use Solimar aluminum molds made entirely by CNC. This means that Solimar is able to achieve a high quality product but made with industrial methods. The advantages in terms of quality and price are obvious.
The portlights Solimar can be glued or screwed to the deck (follow the instructions supplied with the hatch). The classic position is on the side of the deckhouse or in the interior of the cockpit, in positions that allow you to illuminate rooms that are hardly reached by light. You'll also be able to open the window and have a useful air flow.
Solimar is able to build custom portlights with measures of each shape (circular, oval, square, rectangular). Glass also can have different shapes and dimensions.