From the beginning we have chosen to use only carbon fiber or fiberglass in contact with the deck. These composite materials, unlike aluminum, are suitable for all types of boats, they do not age, they do not oxidize and are extremely lightweight. The hatch opening is ensured by gas springs opening full, partial or adjustable. The glass is polymethacrylate of high quality.

To contain the final cost of the hatches, Solimar uses molds made of metal or composite realized by a model built entirely by CNC.
This means that Solimar has a range of dies probably the largest in the world and this is a great advantage for its clients who can avail themselves of a very high quality product, made with industrial methods and therefore the prices are very competitive. It is possible to request the opaque glass for privacy reasons.
The Solimar hatches can be glued, laminated or even bolted to the deck (follow the instructions that we provide along with the hatches). They are designed to be durable even with a simple proper maintenance. Solimar produces only high quality hatches, the
different series are designed to meet the various needs of production boats, custom, maxi and mega yachts, sail and power, refitting . All the hatches are Solimar EEC certificated.

This type of hatch is ideal in the presence of a deck with an obvious curve (with camber), or when the standard sizes of our injection production can not be adapted (a typical case are the refitting).
You can use these hatches along with the series injection also in the same boat, as there are neither aesthetic nor qualitative differences
All the traditional hatches are available with a glass (polymethyl methacrylate - standard color is smoke gray) for teak deck (VA), in the version with glass on painted deck (VB) and versions solid for deck in teak (T) or for painted deck (TVB).
Hatches with vacuum lamination are also available with totally concealed hinges (063 series).
Only for this series of hatches, we can use the carbon fiber as an alternative to fiberglass (preferably not on boats covered with aluminum) or to increase the structural contribution of the hatch to the deck (standard laminating) or to obtain an extraordinary containment of weight (rolling ultra-light).
The finish is cycle with white paint. You can ask for the finish with other colors, also with paint supplied by the customer. You can apply the interior lighting, the opening sensor fully integrated and also the special screens with a composite ceiling to fit the hatch.