The rudder bearings 802 are available only in the lower version for the hull. These bearings are made of aluminium 3571 silver anodized.
They are self-aligning with locking flange, outer cylindrical body and an inner spherical ertalyte ball.
Their shape makes the installation very easy from the inner side of the hull.
For the installation of the bearing a grp housing (item 802B supplied on request) preset with locking bolts must be laminated to the hull. In this way the dismantling of the bearing for maintenance or replacement will be very easy and quick with no de-lamination of the hull.
They are suitable for aluminium or carbon shafts (812S) or stainless steel shaft (892S)or all metal and carbon rudder shaft with metal sleeve(8R2). The sliding is on peek rollers (812) or on stainless steel rollers (892) or on ertalyte ball and peek rollers (8R2).
The inner components Series 8R2 have been designed without use metallic parts. This feature make them less subject to the galvanic corrosions.
In these series the watertight is assured by a neoprene tube (8090L) as long as possible above the DWL. On the top of the tube fixed by a stainless steel clamp there is a ring with gasket. Two stainless steel clamps lock the tube to the body of the bearing and to the watertight ring at the top.
Series 802 bearings are available for rudder shaft with diameter from 70mm up 160mm