The top rudder bearings are made of aluminium 3571 with black hardkote anodization and self aligning ertalyte ball. The outside shape is cylindrical with locking flange. This kind of bearing is the better way to fit sloping rudder shaft, because of its self-aligning system (max angle -18°) the flange remains always flat, avoiding to build recesses on the deck for the vertical alignment between the rudder shaft and bearings.
The bearings are provide of bolts to fix them to the rudder shaft. An adhesive film will isolate the bearing from the rudder shaft.
They are suitable for aluminium or carbon shafts (814) or stainless steel shaft (894). The sliding is on two lines of torlon balls and one line of peek rollers (814) or on two lines of stainless steel balls and one line of stainless steel rollers (894). The outside shape is cylindrical with locking flange. These kind of top bearings are also available in the version with tiller cap (814T and 894T). The cap with “quick opening” is well integrated in the flange of the bearing.
Series 814-894 bearings are available for rudder shaft with diameter from 50mm up 120mm