Usually levers are used as components of steering systems series 607 and 650 and connect the automatic pilot ram to the rudder shaft.
Our technical Office will design the steering system 607 or 605 by choosing the best standard lever for your boat.
To choose the best lever for your autopilot you have to know: raw material of rudder shaft and the diameter of the rudder shaft where the lever will be assembly, automatic pilot technical features, pin diameter and most important the distance between the two holes (rudder shaft centreline to pin centreline).*
*You can find this size on the autopilot manual.

Standard casted aluminium levers are available for working distance up to 290mm.
For major distances, custom aluminium or stainless steel levers will be designed for your needs.

On request, we have available the lever provided of electro-mechanical disconnection to avoid the friction of the autopilot ram during the manual sailing.

Finishing of the aluminium levers: silver anodization