aluminium and stainless steel wheels

Stainless steel wheels are mirror polished. The standard stainless steel rim is diam. 22mm. On request we can use also tube diam. 25mm or 30mm. Spokes are tapered diam. 16mm.
Our stainless steel wheels are available with 6 flat or staggered spokes, with 5 double spokes, with 8,10 staggered spokes, with 6 or 8 crossed spokes, with 6 bended spokes.
Our stainless steel wheels are available from 400mm to 2200mm

Aluminium wheels are hardkote anodised (hub black, spokes grey), 5/6 double spokes, standard leather cover on the rim and partially on the spokes . Diameters are from 800mm to 2000mm.